Our Name・・・名前の由来

Caravans were campaigns held by traders who travelled to find and bring back the best items of those times back to their homes. It was mainly prominent in the Middle East region - the so called Arabian gulf – with people often traveling long distances under harsh conditions. It is said that they used to travel the Silk Road connecting the edge of the continents reaching to the Far East.

Today it is much easier to travel, much easier to acquire an item, which is exactly why it is astonishing that many amazing products remain localized, especially between the Middle East and Japan. 
Caravan aims to form the bridge. Finding the best items and bringing them to the hands of those who find value in them. This is our story.




Our Values・・・経営理念

Bringing items to people who find value in them sounds like a simple transaction connecting the producer to the consumer. We believe there can be more to that. At caravan, we hope to foster a closer and healthier communication and understanding between cultures, and use this as means to contribute back to the well being of society. We can bring the world closer together with mutual respect and understanding.


Our Logo・・・ロゴマーク

The 4 arrows represent the cardinal directions North South West and East. This symbolizes the desire and the will of Caravan to find the best items from around the globe and deliver them to people wherever they are.


Our Business Model・・・事業方針

Simple. Discover the best items and share this discovery with other people. Being situated in Japan, Caravan is engaged in both import and export, for both retail and wholesale.